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Samsung's official history

Samsung's official history begins in 1969, just two years before Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak first met, and seven years before the pair went on to start Apple Computer Company in Jobs' parents' home on Crist Drive in Los Altos, California.

But Samsung's official history isn't Samsung's actual history. Samsung began as a business a full three decades before the giant multinational manufacturing conglomerate admits in its official history.

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Today, Samsung is best known to most people as a maker of smartphones and digital electronics, but the company has huge businesses in shipbuilding, construction, and insurance — it even owns a theme park.

But back in 1938, Samsung was a shop in Daegu, a small city in South Korea. 

In 1938, Lee Byung-chul (better known at Samsung as B.C. Lee) was 28 years old and had three kids. He was relatively well educated, having studied economics for a few years in Tokyo at Waseda University. Back then, Japan essentially occupied Korea. 

According to Samsung Rising, an exceptionally researched book on the company by Geoffrey Cain, Koreans like Lee were forced to worship at Japanese shrines and speak Japanese.

Before I continue with our story, I want to stop for a minute to discuss Geoffrey Cain's book. Most of the more visceral details of Samsung's original founding described in this article are sourced from this book. 

Cain interviewed more than 400 people, including employees, executives, politicians, business people, board members, journalists, activists, and analysts, as well as a member of Samsung's founding Lee family. He traveled to Korea and conducted interviews in English, Japanese, and Korean. Any fact I cite here that is not explicitly sourced came from this book.

And with that, let's start our story with vegetables and dried fish.

Samsung in the 1930s

After leaving university due to illness, Lee returned to Korea. He tried trading rice, but that failed. Despite having a family, Lee spent two years traveling in China and Korea. Somewhere along the way, he noticed that fresh produce wasn't making its way to consumers.

That's when he decided to start Samsung. To sell vegetables. The company was originally named Samsung Sanghoe, which means "three stars shop." Samsung means three stars, so there you go.

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In Samsung's original little shop of hobak, the seed was planted for B.C. Lee's entrepreneurial drive to take Samsung from supplying a key ingredient in hobakjuk (a very nice Korean pumpkin porridge) all the way to supplying smartphones and key ingredients in many of the consumer electronic devices produced by its competitors.

Oddly enough, the Wikipedia entry for Lee Byung-chul says he started a trucking company in 1938. That assertion incorrectly cites a 2011 article in the Wall Street Journal, which was written about a hologram display honoring the founding of the CJ Group. Before it was known as CJ Group, that company was known as Cheil Sugar, a sugar refining company also started by B.C. Lee.

We'll get to that in a bit. First, we need to talk about beer, World War II, and the end of the Japanese occupation. 

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Virtual Data Room Features

ideal data room

A virtual data room acts as an important hub for sharing digital documents, and gives secure access for all participants. This lets companies communicate and collaborate with ease regardless of location or device. It streamlines processes, saves time and money with its advanced security and usability.

The most common VDR features include file uploading through drag-and-drop or bulk upload and automatic indexing. Additionally, they offer document navigation, viewing, and search with the power of an optical character recognition tool. Additionally to that, a VDR allows users to set up dynamic watermarks which appear on every printed and viewed document page for security reasons. Users can also define detailed security policies including the strength of passwords, user session duration and more.

VDRs are utilized in many industries and business processes. They are particularly popular in mergers or acquisitions in which sensitive information is shared between parties in order to perform due diligence. VDRs aid in ensuring compliance enhance communication efficiency and decrease the risk of errors.

When selecting a VDR solution, it is crucial to consider all the features that are required by the specific project. For instance, a firm may need to provide an authentication system that requires two factors or keep a log of all activity in the virtual data room. It is also essential to select a service that has industry-grade physical security measures such as fire protection or offsite backups. This is in addition to the standard 256-bit SSL encryption for document transmission and storage within the VDR.

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Entrepreneurship and the Social Sciences

Entrepreneurship is an exciting and exciting opportunity to pursue your dreams. Whether it’s a desire to create sustainable energy, assist local economies, or advocate for social causes, entrepreneurship lets you to make a mark and make an impact on the world. Entrepreneurs take on risk and their ventures may fail. If they do succeed, entrepreneurs will be able to make economic gains and leave a lasting impression on the business community.

Entrepreneurs can boost economic growth by the introduction of new products and services into the market. This boosts consumption and raises the total national income. Entrepreneurship also provides employment opportunities, which in turn helps lower unemployment rates. Entrepreneurship also increases competition between companies, which can lead to better products and services for customers.

Additionally entrepreneurs have the option to create their own work environments based on their preferences and goals. Some people find this kind of flexibility rewarding, especially when they aren’t satisfied with their jobs. Entrepreneurship also provides an opportunity to develop an enterprise that is successful and has a goal of making the world more sustainable. Entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, through their innovative businesses, have made significant contributions to the field of renewable energy and space exploration.

Research on entrepreneurship has transformed the way we think across a broad spectrum of academic disciplines. As the field of entrepreneurship continues grow and evolve it is poised to change our understanding of the world and how we interact with it. This article explores the impact of entrepreneurship on the social sciences, including (clinical) psychology, (occupational) health, genetic epidemiology as well as industrial organization, cultural studies macro-economics and public policy.

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Running a Successful Business – Strategies for Successful Business Growth

Many factors are involved in running a successful business. From providing value to customers and being able to change to make bold decisions business, the business world is constantly changing. The most important thing to keep an organization on the right path is to be aware of what is important.

A well-defined business plan is one of the most important factors to running a successful business. A well-thought-out strategic plan creates the foundation for making effective decisions and resource allocation. It also ensures that each aspect of the business is in line to the overall objective.

Establishing clear, long-term goals is the first step in making a strategy. This should include a vision of what the business hopes for in a certain time frame. It must also be communicated to all employees. This could lead for new ideas and fresh thinking at work.

Defining a strategy can be challenging, but it’s important to determine the areas that are the most crucial to achieving business growth. They can be based on financial, operational or growth-related goals, and they can vary from the development of a new product to increasing the number of social media followers. This way, businesses can set itself up to be successful and decide what it must accomplish to reach its objectives.

It’s easy to fantasize about the idea of a product that is so innovative that it shocks competitors and takes the world of business by storm however, without a solid plan to go with it even the most innovative products will quickly sink into the rough waters of business. Focus on what’s important for you to be strategic in planning the allocation of resources, monitoring of projects, and making bold decisions.

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Psychology and Computers

Many people view psychology and computer science as two distinct fields with very little in common. The most popular view is that computer science is an extremely rigorous and quantitative research culture while psychology studies are rooted in more qualitative studies of behavior and human perception.

In fact, much of modern computer science is inspired by psychology. The design of technology interfaces ranging from car dashboards to plane cockpits and from computer operating systems to games controllers – is mostly driven by psychologists who work closely with computer scientists. A significant portion of psychological research requires sophisticated software for processing massive data sets.

Psychologists are increasingly relying upon technology to expand their reach. The traditional experimental methods in psychology, which are based on examining the behavior of a specific person in the confines of a controlled environment, or assessing broader patterns of behavior through interviews or self-report questionnaires, have inherent limitations. (Experiments are typically limited to a single experiment long-term studies are not often conducted because of the difficulty of collecting and analyzing large volumes of data.)

Computer technology has provided new ways to analyze the behavior of individuals. Computers are essential for the brain-imaging technology known as fMRI. This technology allows researchers to match specific areas of the brain to specific cognitive processes, such as reading or memory. EEG (electroencephalography) is another example of a technology that uses computer processing to record and analyze brain activity.

Additionally it is the case that the UK’s National Health Service now recognizes the practice of CCBT (computerized cognitive behavioral therapy) as an effective treatment for moderate-to-moderate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Artificial intelligence (AI) is, on the other hand is set to revolutionize psychotherapy by replacing the therapist and treating patients online with robots.

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Is Science Useful?

The issue of whether science is helpful or not is difficult to answer. Scientists are frequently encouraged to pursue their passions however, this can result in research focusing on a wide range of subjects -some of which might not be relevant to society. For example, an important aspect of science is developing theories and making predictions that can be testable. These discoveries are often used to design new technologies, such as medical devices, drugs and renewable energy.

In order to be useful Science must also address issues and problems that impact human wellbeing. This requires collaboration with key stakeholders in order to identify their needs, establish specific goals and then create plans that address those needs. Many scientific projects lack this type of collaboration, and instead focus on advancing knowledge visit this web-site that has no direct connection to society. In addition the effects of research are usually not measured and tracked effectively.

Translational ecology (TE) is one of several strategies that have been developed to create usable science. It stresses the importance of scientists taking a proactive approach to considering and responding to the research context. TE also stresses the importance of engaging people in a meaningful way throughout the research process and promoting decision-making based on learning like adaptive management, which is commonly employed by natural land and resource managers.

The selection of a subject that is both fascinating and scholarly is a challenge for students, particularly when you consider the time limits that are often set by professors. The list of easy research topics in science can help students pick the perfect topic to impress their professors and provide valuable information to the scientific community.

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Common Challenges to Asset and Risk Management

To maximize their physical assets, and to make them deliver the highest ROI, companies need to have a solid understanding of their assets as well as the risks associated with them. Businesses can make poor choices without an accurate understanding of risks. This could ultimately affect their bottom line. Insufficiently implemented asset and risk management process could expose companies to costly fines and penalties from regulators or lose profits because of inadequate planning for the unforeseeable.

The most prevalent and significant challenges to managing risk and assets include:

Unawareness of what a company’s assets can do – For example employees may not be aware that a piece of equipment has the capability to perform a function beyond its designed range or how to operate it at the highest efficiency. This could cause the equipment to be inefficient and suffer an inferior return on investment over its life. This can be mitigated by ensuring that employees receive sufficient training to be aware of the capabilities of an asset and how to utilize it appropriately.

Insufficient risk management system – since the financial crisis, a lot of firms have had little time to think about strategic risk. This has led to inadequate risk strategies, inaccurate risk assessment methodologies and missed opportunities to maximize the performance of the assets of an organization.

Third-party risk – From cyber security to reputational damage and integrity of data Third-party risks can have serious consequences for organizations. To minimize this type of risk the need for a robust vendor vetting process should be in place with failsafe protocols in place to ensure all vendors are properly approved.

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Startups and Business Ideas For Beginners

Startups are companies with a unique approach to business with the potential to change the entire industry and make an enormous impact. They often begin with a modest amount of money and quickly become profitable and the most successful ones eventually becoming unicornscompanies worth more than $1 billion.

While a lot of startups are tech-related, they can be found in virtually every industry. Some, such as Slack, focus on communication in the workplace, while others, such as Instacart are delivery of groceries services. Regardless of their business model, successful startups usually provide a new solution to a problem customers don’t even realize they have.

The process of starting a startup involves many hours of work and risk, but the rewards can be immense. If you’re planning to launch your own startup, there are several resources that can help. Some startups get seed financing through accelerator programs like Y Combinator while others gain the momentum they need through guidance and money from VCs or angel investors. More than 90 percent of startups fail. It’s essential to take action to reduce your chance of becoming one of those.

Services, consumer products, eCommerce and many other ideas are some of the best options for newbies. A coffee shop, for instance is a low-cost business that offers a variety of goods and can earn significant revenue each month. A business that helps people to book and locate living spaces could also be a low-cost business.

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